If you want to be successful in trading, you have to have a few things in common. They include the ability to focus, the desire to make money, and the willingness to work hard. In this free trade blog, I’ll give you seven of the most important things you need in order to be successful freelancer.

1-Know What you’re Getting Into Freelancing is expensive and very competitive. You need to understand your goals and be able to prioritize them well. If you have a lot of money but don’t need it because you’re too old or lazy to work, then it’s not worth risking.

2-Know why you want to be a freelance writer

If you are reading this post, I’m assuming that you want to become a successful freelance writer. If you are only reading this post because an employer offered your a job, please refer back at the beginning of this post so that we can get down from our lofty positions! Please give me one good reason why I would employ an unemployed person with no experience on what was being asked for in the job description? Because chances are, I wouldn’t give a hoot about anything else except the salary I’m willing to pay for said job.

3-Find out what types of writing jobs fit your personality and skill set It’s important that when someone says “write” or “content writer” they really mean something specific. This usually means that if they say “write”, unless it’s “write more”, they really mean content writing (writing about different topics in different styles). The same goes for things such as “content editor”, “blogger” and so on. If you’re not sure what a job is looking for, find out on your own by using Google or searching the website where the job is advertised.

4- If you really want to make money writing, you have to write with passion. Even if you’re making $50 a page and the magazine publisher allows more than one person per article, your writing will be much better if you care about it. Sometimes it’s hard to get into that zone, but it’s worth trying – even if just for a few hours a day – and in order to do so I’ve found that having deadlines keep me into the flow of getting my work done on time and can help me get into that zone. Some other tips are: Find out how much time each piece of writing will take before you start (don’t wait until the last minute).  Don’t write from outside sources; think up your own ideas! Be happy! There’s no better way to be productive than feeling good about what you’re doing. And finally: make sure that whatever work you do is well suited to your skill set. If someone comes to you with an idea that

doesn’t make sense because it uses words or structure you don’t know, explain why to the person and then suggest a way for them to solve the problem. Make sure you give them what they’re looking for and not what they want.

5 –  When talking about writing, many companies will ask for a certain style of writing. If you know something about writing any particular style – short, long form, essays or narrative – then applying for jobs like this will be easier. You might find that you prefer one type of writing over another and use those skills to your advantage in order to get hired by more than one place!

6 – Put yourself out there By putting yourself out there, I mean by making contact with editors (where ever they are) and trying to interact with them on social media sites like Twitter or Facebook.

7 –  Always be professional  – always! If you want to take this seriously, then do it the hard way, not the easy way. You’ll regret it if you try and do it in a half-hearted way (which most people do). Most people are too busy with their day jobs to take on all the responsibilities that goes into becoming an online writer. But if you are serious about getting a writing position, then find time to dedicate yourself to this job: set real deadlines; always be on time; organize your work well; have backup plans before you even think about taking on more work; check emails every hour and keep going until the job is done.

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