It’s easy to make money with Fiverr, but if you don’t know what shows or gigs to offer, it can be hard to make money with Fiverr. In this article, I will share with you the show of advertising and making money on Fiverr.


• It is recommended to write someone else’s website URL on your vehicle with liquid shoe polish (easily washable).
• Wear a T-shirt or hat to promote someone’s business.
• Place a sign on your lawn or in the window of a business promoting someone’s website.
• Distribute or post flyers for someone.
• Create a Facebook account or fan page for someone.
• Place an ad for someone on your wall or fan page.
• Create a Twitter account for someone.
• Send one or more tweets to all Twitter followers.
• Install an autoresponder on someone’s website and you might get paid for managing it.

Article writing and submission

• You can convert documents or manuscripts to PDF files using the free Open Office software.
• Write a 300-500 word essay on the topic provided by the buyer.
• Rewrite someone’s article one or more times, or suggest using the article spinner to make multiple copies.
• Use article submission software to suggest submitting someone’s article to dozens of popular directories.
• Proposals to write and/or submit a press release for the client’s company.
• Post or comment on someone’s blog.
• Sell your own short reports or e-books, or use off-the-shelf PLR products to rewrite and sell.


• Use free or purchased software to run a backlink report on someone’s URL and send the report to that person.
• Social bookmarking from one’s website or blog to multiple social bookmarking sites.
• Post a comment on a high PR blog so someone can get their backlinks.
• Ask someone how you can make more money online.
• If you know how, ask someone about basic SEO skills.
• Teaching programming, computer maintenance, music, etc.
• Negotiate with buyers via Skype or IM and advise them on everything you are good at.


• Design a banner or logo for someone’s website or blog.
• Design e-book or traditional book cover.
• Design a background for someone’s Twitter account.
• Use Photoshop to enhance, modify, or restore photos
• Use Adobe Acrobat or Open Office to create an e-book from someone’s text draft.

Product Reviews

• Write a short website review of 250-300 words for others.
• Write reviews of products sold online by other people you know.
• Assess someone’s website design as a consumer and suggest ways to improve it.
• Rate someone’s eBooks or other products and write recommendations for them.

Searchmachine optimalisation


• Produce voiceovers for products, services, videos, etc.
• Capture text articles as spoken language products.
• Convert images to text.
• Record recommendations for products or services.
• Take the initiative to call someone (like Marilyn Monroe or?) to sing “Happy Birthday.”
Video service
• Add comments to someone’s video on YouTube or other popular video publishing sites.
• Record videos to promote websites, products or services.
• Publish someone’s video on your website.
• Create a short introduction video for someone’s website
• Edit videos for others.


• Install WordPress blogs for customers on their domains.
• Install plugins, themes, and media for people who don’t know how to install.
• Teach someone to use WordPress


• Keyword Research – Using the software, you can propose to conduct keyword research on one or more terms provided by the buyer.
• Create a backlink strategy for the buyer’s website or give them a backlink strategy.
• Have someone’s website or blog indexed by major search engines.
• Provide customer ping blog posts to all major ping services.
• Use a free online service to create an RSS feed for someone’s static website.
• Submit website RSS feeds to the directory manually or using the software.

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