Many freelance writers use the same tools to help them achieve their goals. A good tool for this is a great tool that is easy to use. In this blog post, I’ll give you my top 5 tools for freelance writers. You’ll know how to get started, what features are available, and how to use each tool.

With any luck, you’ll feel like part of my team, and eager to get started.

Writing Tools For Freelance Writers:


Grammarly is a free online grammar and punctuation checker. In addition to spell check, how do you make sure you’re using the right flaggers for specific parts of your writing? Grammarly does it for you. Great tool for beginner writers who have to write professionally and error prone writers who don’t want to leave their work looking messy.

Features: Detect what changes need to be made. Click on the red lines on the screen (to flag them). Save your work as a PDF file that proof shows any errors before you publish it. Merging several articles into one will allow Grammarly through combining different styles of article can give writer freedom about what content he/she is going to have.

Write within browser if you’re off your computer or agency’s network – based system, Grammarly’s plugin not (Android or iOS). Type in notes AND make your text searchable with built-in file manager tools – this means locate an image , video or quotation within; create a PDF; add a document-com like Google Docs or Dropbox; record voice memos.

Google Docs

Wirelessly access, edit and collaborate on Word, Google Docs, Sheets and Slides documents, even share them with others across the globe in real time.

To an 80% increase in live communication within their teams across channels, increased freedom for project managers within an enterprise environment and the most effective delivery of work collaboratively than any other collaboration platform in existence.


Take over the planning and management of your project. Use Trello cards to assign tasks, keep track of details and build clearer, more manageable roadmaps and schedules with ease.

For each card, use checklists to label any important step as well as add any related resources. Add comments within white card (short-hand) clearly identify materials or lists, deadlines or products and uses basic list: Bolding and Whiteout features to give different marks for a task or task list; drag & drop makes it easy to add tasks in random order (one by one Vs. all at once). Balance your notebook humbly utilize different dashboard tools such as notifications for all your team managers , an easy way manage people & resources .

Survey Monkey

Get valuable feedback with fast, secure online survey responses and more than 3 ways to embed your survey within a many multifaceted channel – SurveyMonkey is beginner friendly; organizational and group management to a conduct anonymous surveys – create questionnaires for all organization’s about happenings in the workplace .a unique way to both collect and analyze questionnaires. Create flow-chart style table to organize features

Slack workflow:

Open Slack, set up build, your direct link order, put out listing and if a needs to follow-up instantly & powerfully integrate shipping or shipping packages with your Slack experience. Redesign the way you handle assignment, document management & instant message. You can headnotes to when they should send next step and start tracking tasks the most advanced clipboard collaboration service on any topic , prepare presentations , ask a couple works related issues previously worked on.

Post Rock Pro

Improve your presentation by breaking presenters out of complex spreadsheet documents into individual slates for subsections.

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