is a huge online marketplace where thousands of people trade their products or services for $5 – that’s why it’s called Fiverr. Many people visit this website hoping to outsource some tasks related to their website such as link building, web design, WP installation, etc., of course at a very affordable price as everything sells for only 5 yuan! !

Not only website-related products/services, you can also find a variety of different products/services, there are almost no restrictions, use your imagination, if you find something that you think can arouse people’s interest, you can sell it there! It’s not necessarily a serious or difficult thing, as long as you think it’s something you can sell, then you can sell it. If someone can sell a video of yourself dancing in a hot dog suit no matter what song you want it means you can sell anything – it’s true I’m not kidding the show is real and the video sells like a hot cake ! !

The success of Fiverr has sparked the interest of other websites to follow suit, and now there are many websites on the web that offer the same service. Gickbucks, Tenbux, Dealer and Uphype are some of them. Unlike Fiverr, you can usually offer products/services for more than $5 on these similar sites.

With the development of such online markets, we see business opportunities here. Now you don’t have to be a web expert or web geek to earn extra income from the internet. Internet novices who have struggled to earn extra income online but to no avail, now have a good chance of making a lot of money.

Big money? Is this $5/show market possible? of course! If you can make a significant income from AdSense for $0.10 per click, why do you think you can’t make a lot of money from the $5 per gig market? Everything has its own path to glory, and if you really know what to do then $100 a day from these sites is not impossible.

The first thing to do is find the product/service you want to sell, it could be anything. In my experience, there are two best-selling products in these markets. The first are the products/services associated with the website such as backlinks, design, installation, content creation, etc. Followed by interesting products, such as dancing in a hot dog suit, singing happy birthday, funny videos, you know all these things .

When you already own a product/service, just like any other method of making money online, you need a lot of traffic. One of the best ways to get traffic to your show is from the website itself. Let’s say you want to publish a service on Fiverr, there is a feature on this site where people can publish the products/services they want (in the performance requests section at the bottom right of the screen), in other words people can publish requests they want Products /purchase services, I’m talking about potential buyers here.

We know these people are willing to spend money on Fiverr to buy products or services, so if you can bring them to your show, you’ll get targeted traffic. What you need to do is contact these people through the “Request a show” section and ask for some details of their request, but the most important thing is that you put the show URL below your post (on Fiverr, the naked URL in the message is available. Clicked) and after asking them about their request, you can say “At the same time, you may want to see my existing show, I have an interesting proposal, just click the link below To understand it”. As long as you’re polite and do one or two hours a day, I guarantee your performance will get plenty of exposure.

I still have many “secrets” about maximizing your profits from these markets. I’d love to share with you, including how to create hot-selling products outside of your area of ‚Äč‚Äčexpertise. Trust me, this is easier than you Think. Much more, just visit my Fiverr Money Secrets article for details.

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