“What should I sell on Fiverr?” This is an important question for people considering the opportunity to make money online by opening a store on Fiverr.com as a sole trader.

Fiverr has become a popular place for people who want a measure of independence, from “part-time” earning a few bucks here and there to a steady source of income that eventually replaces full-time jobs.

When people first came into contact with the Fiverr website, it seemed overwhelming. Fiverr sellers’ services range from the traditional (web design, photo editing, copywriting, and proofreading) to the non-traditional (celebrity impersonations, birthday songs sung by singers in various undressing states, video greetings with dolls, etc.).

Did you know that Fiverr also hosts sellers who create unique products for buyers around the world? Original artwork, crafts and other gifts are also provided.

All products and services are already on offer, what should new sellers do? Here are three ideas for generating ideas for your own Fiverr show:

1. Browse existing shows for Inspiration

Click on the website to see what people are selling. Most of what you see will not resonate with you, but there are some things that will resonate with you. Write those performances down. The idea isn’t to copy other sellers, but to see what’s out there and see if there’s anything that triggers your own unique product idea.

Let’s say you notice that someone has posted 20 blog comments for $5. This may represent a chance to make a show for a smaller number of reviews, but your marketing reviews are more in-depth in terms of analysis, engagement and reach. Since a buyer who needs 20 reviews is different from a buyer who only needs one or two reviews, you’re not stealing customers.

2. Solve the buyer’s problem.

What do buyers need? Create shows that solve common problems. Many buyers are entrepreneurs who use Fiverr to outsource some of their work. What can you do to help them complete the necessary tasks?

For more ideas, check out Fiverr’s Buyer Requests section. You must register for an account to view this section. Log in and click the “Sell” icon at the top of the Fiverr page; then you will find a title called Perks in the right sidebar which includes the link requested by the buyer.

Buyers submit brief requests for the services and products they want to purchase, and sellers can respond to those requests by sending a link to their Fiverr show. Scroll through the request to see what the buyer is looking for, and see if it gives you an idea of ​​a show that could be made to meet the buyer’s needs. If you meet these requirements for a few days, you will notice recurring themes that can be a springboard for creative achievements.

3. List your skills, interests, hobbies, etc.

You never know what a popular show will become. Fiverr is a diversified market, not limited to business-oriented products and services. Some buyers want to learn new things, pursue their hobbies and have fun.

Do you like painting? Maybe you have a unique style that could lead to a show that sells portraits. Do you know a lot about cooking? You can put on a show that sells recipes you’ve made over the years. Can you keep up with the automotive industry? You can create a show where you can consult people who need advice when buying a new car.

Write down everything you can think of about your work experience, your schooling, what you like to read, what you like to do, and so on. If you don’t make this list, you may find performance ideas you would never think of.

If you have an idea, remember not to judge yourself: pass the idea, write it down, and then go back and look at it. After spending about ten minutes in brainstorming mode, select one or two ideas from the list and begin to work them out on a separate sheet of paper or other file on the computer. Go back to the cycle of brainstorming and developing ideas.


Finally, when you start a new show on Fiverr, give it a chance to become popular. There are so many performances that it can take weeks or even months for people to notice your performance. If you don’t see the result right away, don’t give up and delete it. Keep trying new performances at the same time. Sooner or later you will find one (or more!) that suits you.

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