If you’ve been trying to sell your shows and make money through Fiverr, you may have noticed that some sellers are listed as “Top Rated Sellers”. These top rated sellers have a nice little badge that will pop up when someone checks their profile or their appearances.

I don’t know you, but one of the badges makes me more likely to buy from that seller. It tells me that they are in good standing and have kept their promises.

To sell your shows and make money with Fiverr, you have to be the most acclaimed seller!

If you want to learn how to become the top-rated seller on Fiverr, I can give you some tips straight from Ma’s mouth. According to Fiverr, to be the most highly acclaimed seller, you need to do the following:

Received many, many positive reviews. This doesn’t mean that about half of your comments have to be positive. This means that 99% of performances require good feedback.

Deliver every gig on time. If you find yourself having delivery issues, you should suspend your performance until you can catch up. This is the best way to make sure you can complete each performance on time.

Communicate quickly and politely. If the buyer asks you a question, you should answer it immediately. This will help you get more positive feedback about the show. It is also important to be polite in communication. Even if you think someone has asked a stupid question, be patient and answer them in the best way. After all, good customer service is one of the most important ways you can become a top seller.

Stay away from trouble and follow the rules. This means that you don’t send your email address to your customers through your Fiverr show message. This means that you follow the rules of the site and do not bend. If you’re not sure about the rules or gray areas, you can always email customer service and ask. This way you should be able to get clarification.

The top-rated sellers know that to make money with Fiver, you need to have excellent customer service. In fact, they have a higher chance of making more money, because the most acclaimed seller comes with some special benefits, which I will discuss in another article.

What Exactly Is Fiverr?

A lot of people don’t really understand what Fiverr.com is. The reason many people don’t understand what it is and how to use it is why I decided to write this article. We teach the basics of providing services to make money with Fiverr and what you expect from sellers in the market.

For starters, Fiverr is basically a huge market, and people can publish whatever they want for $5 or $5. From writing your name in lipstick on their butt to some very good deals to link to you. to create a website, you will find everything there. I encourage you to just search the site, what people want to do is actually very appealing.

Now that you understand the basics of the website, how will you use it? Well, it all depends on what your overall goal is. If you just want to make a few bucks by offering a certain type of task that you are willing to complete for $5, it’s very simple. All you have to do is create an account, create a profile and publish the show (a task you’re willing to spend five dollars to complete).

However, if you’re looking for someone who can outsource certain tasks to good people, you’ve found one of the best places. For example, I spent countless hours writing SEO articles, registering a Web 2.0 site, and setting up backlinks to my site. Now I’ve almost completely automated the job by hiring other people to do what I think is nearly impossible… $5.

Whether you are a buyer or seller using Fiverr, this is also very important and you need to make sure you communicate well with each other. As with any other type of business, the better you communicate with each other, the more likely you are to be satisfied with the outcome of an order.

As you can see, Fiverr.com has different uses depending on your identity. It really depends on what you’re looking for. Even if you think you won’t find what to do, it might be a good idea to check. You may be pleasantly surprised. If you want to sell then I don’t know what you’re waiting for, go see!

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