There’s a new window on the job market. And it’s not waiting on the other side of the country, or even out of your city. There are now websites that are full of talented workers who just want to get their act together and go professional. They have sites for writers, designers, scientists, you name it. If you’re looking for a website that loves you, then check out our list of the 10 best websites for freelance work.

This is the working place of lots of hot freelancers looking to work with companies all over the world. Here you’re in complete control of your masterpieces, as there are no excessive restrictions imposed on you at, and no money whatsoever will be deducted from your account until the job has been finished. Why do they do this? So that they can assure you that you will get paid on time, regardless of whether it’s a short or long-term task.


Now we come to the second best site for freelancers. Disputes can affect you and your clients work negatively when it comes down to a conflict with other companies, but with Fiverr don’t be afraid about it! Fiverr has built an amazing sixth sense for ‘feelings and intentions’. They know it when a project is being done personally or professionally, and so by bringing an issue up on their site in this way makes life much easier for both seller and buyer – many people using both platforms report being really happy with the results and how easy they found working together.

’t always outlined in-your-face it’s very clear who the person is you are working with and the work they can produce. The platform is easy to use and has a huge community that makes it one of the best freelance platforms out there for getting your hand in.

Reddit Jobs

Reddit can be used for random questions but it does hold some fantastic jobs which are freelance relevant. This site is used by some companies to contract people from this networking. No matter if you are an app developer, graphic artist or a writer you can easily advertise your skills on reddit and put looks up for different desks having to back up each month (usually not a huge amount but I don’t think the few pounds each month is much considering it can get you paid).Best thing about this site is there isn’t any stiffing clients when things go wrong hence uncertainty as many other hookups have.

Reddit wrote me an email telling me it wasn’t working, with no real explanation why I never heard anything else further because if they had problems with my project that didn’t mention these issues then why not call me out on them? At least let me have answers! The correspondence took all of a week or so because of what they could pull themselves together that quick, they’re not hurting to collaborate.


Odesk is considered one of the oldest sites for freelancing and job applications. In this world of other people doing every little aspect everything for a small percentage (not including the billions who believe just like them it should all be free) such an old-fashioned concept must look pretty badass.

Odesk changed their views about ‘free-credit on their site 4 years ago and since then have been trying to encourage freelancers to do their best and help each other within their industry. The team is always keen on accommodating the needs and wants of its employers but unfortunately many freelancers only want to apply or perform tasks that being offered to go 70% Plus and nothing below 40% less you signing away your rights.

My advice is before you apply here check around through class sites with your interests in relation to doing the same type of job and see what they’ll offer you in comparison. Also if your looking for a free credit check around other sites but not google because when you want to view it like. “google ads]” search on odesk under their acronym and notice the little error message popping up known to many as a red text but this too is overridden by paid ads – making it no different that those quite cheap marketplaces maybe however they take five forms maximum before one is actually paid. Still it doesn’t take away from the fact there still good choice of people who can be hired by employers all over the World for freelancer jobs.


Elance has improved in recent times (some of more than others with my experience with them) but for freelance writing job discussions accept Elance as fine pick out of many such listings who are looking for people to set their stories on paper. It may not sound like a huge deal, however have you ever sat down and put your hands together, eyes closed and focused on the type of service only someone like you can perform? Nature gives us some talents which may empower us by helping us in our line of work but even then we all need help at times. These kind of pieces need care and consideration, dedication, determination and respect from all those willing to assist.


Upwork is another freelance writing platform from the Web where people of all stripes give their services to the online world. Here, too is an easier place to buy a quick story or get help in whatever area of writing you have an interest in. It’s a good opportunity if you need just a quick question answer job done and will also accept paid submissions in later stages as indicated by all kinds of samples that are there on offer, although with just 4 I found it gone passed the quantity and quality where they should be but then again maybe I don’t study the right areas or flog much of this space and might be needing to broaden myself with more secure proof.

It was finally down to odesk numbers along with their additional services and different ratings which proved too stiff for me knocking me out of the grand final ahead of Classy though not by much. Over time as this platform grows so as well as resources will continue on find a viable space for learning or conducting alongside your main duty.


Guru has got the same now fairly recent face than the ones that just went by and by again I’ll try to write a positive review but this is going to be another one you must take my word on because no matter how hard my intentions may negate it at least here they have put it around two weeks while their each of theirs which gives me less pressure should I fail. Many says it’s not usually true but I will persist on personal judgment and get into more specifics here below-

As mentioned earlier in the article both cost comes into being account subtracted from the contract between employer (HR) and its employees (Right Job).

People Per Hour

It stands out as another one that may tiket when hiring urgent or hard to find people and you can’t forget about extracting your pro for the job you did rather than offering the co-op position so be sure to err on the side of caution in these details if you have no idea of their trustworthiness.

There’s high chance these jobs may also still be among the newest platforms available and cutting edge.So if you need help in this area and you want to offer your services forget about the price of your expertise and pride yourself just as well on cost how much it should give you a few in work whereas this prices is harsh they try putting their potential clients as your own. Prospective employers often face difficulties when building their staff structure, a problem that can be solved through

With most of the freelance writing sites mentioned above, you can find that within one site there are particular categories for “Business Writing,” “Graphic Design,” “Website Development” or any other similar industry related field. This can make it easier for employers who have multi-class or different teams of writers. However these type of group work poses many challenges as well (which we will discuss later) so having these options separate to different groups .


This huge market exists to help people looking for professionals in their field who want to work with contract but they sometimes demand fixed contracts. An instance they are employer part of and share in every contract that is going to be gained over the client. Indeed you need substantial and continuous revenue to operate a business, so when it comes out as superior sources you can consider shining.

You don’t have time for reading? Nevermind My focus will be on the main points and then I will throw some other random facts below10  bonus  things to know from Toptal​.

1- The Most Successful Writers Are Paid Up to $16,000 per month.

2- Also if it’s any cash award of between one night at a swanky restaurant or as much money as one might expect from most car salesman or scam artists there are always winners and losers when it comes down to word rates so anything higher than this is pure profit but still within good yield -only way is up. But since writing skills never become an excuse for people how well written think otherwise take nothing else from this article (or just buying Toptal bonus to see for yourself).

3- Occasionally some of the writers get incredibly lucky and earn up x2 their base rate or some one may upload a video or article that end up raging on the trend X what other members program listings so at best you will worse than that . Think of this as just the bump up your next project even though you’ll get no better out of it unless you take it and submit it elsewhere, but in case if that actually works a lot it can  catapult promotions since your info regularly considered.

This position is a “threat” more than an opportunity (although success is often relative). Find a niche to write about which includes real and intriguing obstacles. This means they are willing to pay as much as top ten-most lucrative/highly lucrative. According to TopTal, even unhappy consultants benefit from accepting clients who pay ia “high aliquot” but still short of the big boys club. Still earning high is always good , but it could slow down due to competition over time they are utilizing their knowledge effectively while others chase down crowds some developers enjoy keeping clients close because experts can gauge how skilled individuals in their

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