Vanced microG APK

If you use OG YouTube on your android phone, you also need to download the MicroG for OG. This app enables you to run the OG version of YouTube smoothly and provides updates to keep your application updated to the latest version.

In simple terms, it’s an app library that provides the connection for those apps that require Google Play Services or the Google Maps API. So to keep up with your favorite content you need to run this service in the background.

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microG for OGYT

This app also helps to run moded apps that require map services. The biggest benefit you get is the ability to access the Google Play Store and update apps such as OG YouTube.

In order to install the MicroG for OG, you need to install the Latest Version of APK for Android. Which you can do by clicking the download button above.

Before installation of microG for OGYT, the system will ask for Permission just click on the installation button. Don’t worry just install and your app will be ready to use.

Operating System: Android

Price: Free

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