UNKILLED – Zombie Multiplayer Shooter

An action and war game with special ammunition and endurance opponents for android devices. Save the city by fighting giant creatures in UNKILLED.

The game is perfectly structured presented with the intention of fighting zombie threats to prevent an outbreak. By positioning the system, you will be provided with your guns and central defense. The story of UNKILLED is a zombie outbreak in New York City. The epidemic is spreading all over the city. We are in charge of the anti-zombie team who is in charge of the military character named Joe. Try to produce the solution without becoming a global problem of the disease.

Zombie pandemic dominates the city. Created to protect from zombies. It is a game where you will strive to protect the upper, to harm people, and to make your superior unsafe. It is a game that offers the possibility of fighting by choosing among different weapon models which constitute the control scheme for easy use within the mobile.

Walking around the city with a whole setup is a game that helps you build a perfect structure by removing all the possible threats. Allowing the most dominant character to manage users from within the mobile allows perfect excitement. Graphic features are excellent and you can get the data in real image quality.

Operating System: Android

Price: Free

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