The documentary ONE CHILD NATION takes place all over China. The movie tells the many stories of people forced to adhere to the One Child Policy that the Communist Party running China has enforced for decades. Through different stories, viewers can see the tragedies that occurred because of the communist regime’s efforts to control the lives of its citizens. From more than one million abortions and forced sterilizations, to families being torn apart by the government to capitalize on the foreign adoption fad, this policy did nothing good for China. However, not everyone agrees.

ONE CHILD NATION is a combination of amateur and professional filmmaking. The creator, Nanfu Wang, does much of the filming herself. Because Nanfu grew up in China and lived there until her mid-20s, she has first-hand experience. Her younger brother would have been abandoned if he had been a girl. Nanfu also knows many people with heartbreaking stories, and they tell those stories here. Enlightening and heartbreaking, ONE CHILD NATION has a very strong moral, pro-life, anti-communist worldview. MOVIEGUIDE® advises strong caution, however, for the movie’s disturbing photos and videos.


Dominant Worldview and Other Worldview Content/Elements:

Very strong moral, pro-life, anti-communist worldview where documentary movie shows the damage a communist government can easily do to its people, throughout the movie people are shown being forced to do things against their will, morals and better judgment because of the national policy of the Communist Party running China, people were imprisoned for doing things that were morally right but were against the law, people lost their homes, and lives were destroyed for refusing to abort a child or become sterilized

Foul Language:

Two uses of the “f” word, and one use of God’s name in vain


Many strong, disturbing images including many shots of fetuses, sometimes almost fully grown, in trash bags laying in dumps, and a man preserves an aborted fetus in a glass jar


No sexual content


Upper male nudity when man changes his shirt and shots of nude babies

Alcohol Use:

No alcohol use

Smoking and/or Drug Use and Abuse:

People are shown very occasionally smoking a cigarette; and,

Miscellaneous Immorality:

Strong elements of government corruption and corrupt officials, examples of kidnapping and human trafficking, and many examples of forced abortions and forced operations on women.

The documentary ONE CHILD NATION takes place all over China, as the documentary filmmakers tell the many stories of people who were forced to adhere to the one child policy that the Communist Party running China had for decades. This communist nation had (and still has) many ways where it controls its citizens in their everyday lives.

In the village where Nanfu Wang, the movie’s co-director, grew up, the village officials would hang stars for each family to show how loyal they were to the Communist Party and how well they followed Party policies, including the one child policy. The stars were meant for good behavior. And, for bad behavior? Houses were torn down and possessions taken away, if village officials caught someone disobeying the law. This included women who refused to be sterilized. In many cases, these women were caught, bound and brought to a doctor who would administer sterilization without the woman’s cooperation or consent.

A woman who used to perform these operations as well as abortions says she didn’t count the number she did, but knows it was upwards of 50,000-60,000. Now, she is “atoning for her sins” and only works with couples who are struggling with infertility. She believes that helping bring a child into the world can help her atone for the thousands she sent out of the world.

The Chinese culture places a high importance on males and carrying on the family name. Nanfu recalls the way that she was raised as a girl versus a boy. Because her family was in a more rural area, they were allowed two children, as long as they were five years apart. After she was born first, her grandmother placed a basket in the room while her mother was giving birth to her sibling saying that if it’s a girl, then they would immediately place it in the basket and discard of it. Happily for her younger sibling, Nanfu’s mother had a boy, and the family rejoiced.

However, Nanfu soon had to quit school and begin working in order for their family to afford her brother’s school. Her grandmother would hide treats and snacks for her brother, and none for her. This mentality was true for people all over the nation, the movie says. There were baby girls being tossed out, while families continued to try for male babies.

Nanfu’s uncle recalls his mother threatening to kill herself, or strangle his daughter and then kill herself, if he didn’t discard his baby girl immediately. The baby was left by a meat market in the middle of the night, and she lay there crying and alone with mosquito bites covering her body, until she died in a few days.

One woman, who was in jail for years for “human trafficking,” recalls her story. She had found a baby girl on the road one day and raised her until she was two years old. At this age, the woman could unfortunately no longer financially support her, so, with a heavy heart, she took this toddler to an orphanage. The man at the orphanage thanked her for taking care of this child and paid her over $100. After that, she and her family began to gather up the hundreds of children left in baskets and boxes all over China and taking them to orphanages, which paid them very well. Eventually, the entire family was thrown in jail for years.

The stories of this nation under the extremely controlling and manipulative Communist regime in China go on and on. Twins separated from each other, fetuses found in garbage dumps after being aborted at 8-9 months, and a government selling the nation’s own children to other nations.

The documentary points out there are many people in China, mostly in the older generation, who truly believe that the one child policy saved their nation. However, now there is a generational gap. There are not enough people to work and take care of the elderly because of the innumerable amount of children who were aborted or aborted out of China.

ONE CHILD NATION does well to show the many ways in which this policy alone ruined the lives of countless Chinese citizens. The movie has a very strong moral, pro-life, anti-communist worldview. There are a few curse words and some smoking cigarettes, but most of the content is in the movie’s disturbing images. ONE CHILD NATION isn’t for those who are faint of heart, as some photos and videos are extremely unsettling, but the movie is telling the truth about a terrible reality. MOVIEGUIDE® advises extreme caution about ONE CHILD NATION, but it is an important documentary that all mature adults should see, especially those misguided souls who have an irrational phobia about so-called “overpopulation” or who support abortion.

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