MONOPOLY GO game brings the old board game back to life and gives you the chance to revive some old memories. Just Download the free Android app and start rolling, buying, collecting, heisting, and wrecking your way to Tycoon mastery! The entire universe is for sale!!

Hit GO! Roll the dice! Earn MONOPOLY money, and interact with your friends, family members, and fellow Tycoons from around the world as you explore the expanding universe of MONOPOLY GO! It’s the new way to play – board flipping cleanup is not required.

Monopoly GO! is identical to its original board game. All of the spaces are identical to the board game and some of them function the same. The jail space still prevents you from rolling unless your roll doubles within three turns, income tax still sucks, and there are still ways to put houses and hotels on properties.

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Players all start with the same amount of money, gain $200 every time they loop back around to pass the starting GO space, and lose or make money by buying and trading properties, owing or collecting rent from other players, being blessed or cursed by the random chance spaces, etc.

The goal of the game is to dominate the board’s real estate by acquiring monopolies of same-colored spaces. And then bleeding your competition dry of all their cash when they land on your properties. You win once everyone else is bankrupt.

Monopoly is cutthroat, strategic, and occasionally collaborative. Teaming up with your younger sibling to knock your oldest sibling out of the running early on — and derives its fun from petty vengeance, backstabbing, and being the biggest jerk on the board. The rage is what makes it so great!

As you make your way around the board, you get cash for almost everything. Rolling doubles, landing on any property, passing GO, and landing on railroads all net you cash.

You use that money to build up your board’s five available landmarks, which are themed around your current board. For example, if you’re on the Tokyo board, your landmarks are things like the Tokyo Tower, a Japanese market, a temple, a sleek hotel, etc.

To download the Monopoly Go Apk just click the download button above. Install the files and get ready to hit the board with your gaming strategy.


Operating System: Android

Price: Free

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