Metal Slug: Awakening APK

The old classic is back with new and improved graphics with advanced gameplay. Metal Slug: Awakening is a newly developed side-scrolling action shooting mobile game.

Enjoy the game in a fresh and captivating art style, the game brings a splendid visual presentation and abundant content including a vast array of weapons, diverse battlefields, and various super-vehicles.

Stay alert during your journey throughout the levels, as there will always be surprises hidden in each Easter egg. Relive the joys and excitement of the arcade machine era as you rediscover all the iconic features that made Metal Slug a legendary classic.

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Metal Slug: Awakening

This game franchise was initially developed to be played in arcade machines. But Metal Slug: Awakening’s developers have managed to incorporate a control system totally focused on touch devices.

Using a simple distribution of buttons, you will have no problem advancing while you shoot the enemies. All this while overcoming any traps that try to slow down your progression.

The game incorporates 3D textures to leave behind, in part, the pixel art essence so attractive in this saga. The gameplay is always a highlight in the games of this family, and this will allow you to have a great time while trying to overcome each level. However, as you earn points, you will be able to unlock many iconic characters of the franchise and new weapons.

You get games ranging from massive sky-rides to ground-breaking tanks and SV-camels. Soar through the sky, dig underground, and strike with flexibility. Personalize your combat abilities through these super vehicles to defeat any powerful bosses!

Similar to its old version you also get character-exclusive ultimate skills. Discover multiple surprises by rescuing the iconic Hyakutaro who generously gives mysterious gifts and coins from time to time, or the very active Fat Marco.

Download the game now by clicking on the button above. Install the files and your game will be ready to play. Let others know if you enjoyed the game by leaving a comment below.

Operating System: Android

Price: Free

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