Kwai – Short Video Maker & Community APK

Kwai is a video social-sharing app that can also turn selfies into video clips with added effects and background music. This app is used to make short videos that can be easily used for updating video status on Whatsapp. Or you can share videos publically on the app’s public platform and let the world enjoy your short video creations. Videos are as short as 7 seconds only and in high-quality HD videos.

The app comes with added Lip sync and dubbing features that help you with subtitles. It also has motion-sensitive 3D “Kmojis that align with the natural aspects of your photos. As with all short video apps such as Likee and TikTok, Kwai also supports a built-in quick video editor. So you will only need a smartphone with good camera quality for shooting videos. Plus some good skills to shoot videos and add creativity to them.

Making short Videos with the Kwai app

Once you download and install the APK file clicking the download button above the app will ask you to sign in. You can use your Facebook or Google ID. The app will then send a prompt for certain access requirements which once allotted will take you to the main dashboard. Head over to the home screen and start liking your favorite videos. The more you like the more relevant videos will be thrown at you.

Ready to join the fun on the Kwai app with your own short video creations? You can create a new video by clicking the orange circled button shown on the top right corner of the screen shown above. It will show you many different options to select or create a new video and edit them according to your choice. Kwai conducts special events, daily challenges, dance battles, etc. for fun. You can join or add your friends to these challenges for fun videos.

Operating System: Android

Price: Free

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