Google Home

If you have Google Nest, and Chromecast devices plugged in around the home then Google Home is your go too app. This app enables you to manage your digital devices along with compatible switches, cameras, and thermostats. Easily manage and monitor your home with the convenience of this app.

This app is truly the future bound and you will be able to create a proper ambiance with the flick of a tab. Control your speakers and dim down the lights while watching a moving without the need of getting up from the couch. You can also create routines and set automatic environments with temperature and light schedules.

Control Compatible devices with Google Home

Starting from your smart android TV with a Chromecast. The Home app is the main hub that serves as a suggestion screen and dashboard for everything you can do with your on-screen entertainment. In order to get some of the features like “OK Google, play songs” or to launch Netflix, you’ll need to connect your accounts and sync.

Just add a speaker to the mix and you have Jarvis-like control over things. You can ask your Google Home speaker to give you the weather report. Lower your smart thermostat for you when you leave your home, tell you a fact, or have it find the funny YouTube clip.

The app settings allow you to personalize the Google Assistant by connecting smart home hardware. Or changing which services you get from your news briefing. You can also enable Guest mode. That allows anyone to connect to your Home app without being on your Wi-Fi network.

Download the fun and futuristic Google Home app by clicking on the download button above. And if you have used or are using the home services from Google then let others know about it by commenting below. Don’t forget to leave an app rating.

Operating System: Android

Price: Free

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