FAITH, HOPE & LOVE follows the story of Jimmy Hope, a Christian father coping with the loss of his wife. Jimmy’s daughters are dance students of Faith Turley, a divorced woman coping with her ex-husband’s infidelity. Faith needs money to save her studio. So, she invites Jimmy to be her partner in a “Pro-Schmo” dance competition with a large cash prize. As they practice and compete, Faith and Jimmy find themselves drawn to each other. Faith isn’t a Christian, but Jimmy’s earnest faith draws her to Jesus.

FAITH, HOPE & LOVE is in the top echelon of faith-based movies. Authentic performances by the two leads are the highlight, but generally good writing and strong directing help as well. The two leads are assisted by a cast of talented veterans. Despite a few cheesy moments, the story is honest and inspiring. There is, however, some light sexual humor. Several jokes are made about an unmarried woman being pregnant. FAITH, HOPE & LOVE’s strong Christian message is clear, however, with prayer and trust in God. Media-wise viewers will enjoy FAITH, HOPE & LOVE.

(CCC, CapCapCap, L, S, A, M):

Dominant Worldview and Other Worldview Content/Elements:

Very strong Christian worldview with positive depictions of prayer and Bible study, positive depictions of church communities, characters who are deeply Christian, and faith in Christ is a central plot point, with strong capitalist elements about a woman trying to save her business, a dance studio

Foul Language:

Two mild profanities


No violence


Some light jokes about an unmarried woman being pregnant and roleplaying jokes, plus an unmarried couple kisses passionately


No explicit nudity but some revealing outfits especially dance/exercise gear (exposed midriffs, tight pants, sheer blouses, etc.), several revealing dresses

Alcohol Use:

Several scenes include drinking wine and beer, several scenes take place in a bar, a couple decides to hire a driver in case they decide to drink

Smoking and/or Drug Use and Abuse:

No smoking or drug content; and,

Miscellaneous Immorality:

Cheating on a college application, divorce, discussions of eating disorders.

How does a husband recover after the loss of a deeply loved wife? How does a person who’s been betrayed come to trust again? Is it possible for a rookie to win a dance competition? Writer and Co-Director Robert Krantz explores these topics and more in his new faith-based movie FAITH, HOPE & LOVE.

Krantz is doing quadruple duty on this movie. He is the writer, director, lead editor, and star. The title refers, of course, to the famous line in First Corinthians 13:13. It also refers to the names of the two lead characters, Faith Turley and Jimmy Hope. Krantz plays Jimmy Hope, a single father still recovering from the sudden loss of his wife in a car accident. Jimmy is raising two girls and has a job in advertising. In his grief, he struggles doing either of these well.

Faith (Peta Murgatroyd) is a dance instructor who’s about to lose her studio. She needs money to renovate it or the city will shut it down. She’s also recovering from a divorce brought about by her ex-husband’s infidelity.

These two struggling people meet because one of Jimmy’s daughters attends Faith’s dance school and prays for them to get together. In order to save her studio, Faith invites Jimmy to be her dance partner in a “Pro and a Schmo” dance competition with a large cash prize. While they practice and compete together, Jimmy leads Faith to Christ, and the two begin to fall for each other.

Krantz’s piece is in the top echelon of Christian movies. Capable and energetic performances by the cast are certainly the highlight of the movie. Krantz and Murgatroyd are spectacular as Jimmy and Faith. They subtly lead the audience through huge emotional turmoil with humor and grace. Supporting the two stars is a cast of talented veterans from movies and television.

The script is surprisingly good too. There are a few cheesy moments, but overall the story is earnest and inspiring. The cinematography is beautiful, and the dance scenes will make viewers want to groove along with the music themselves.

Krantz handles religion with skill, neither taking it too seriously nor making fun of it. His movie is deeply Christian, but is also willing to poke fun at Christian culture – like when Jimmy comments that he never knows whether to hold someone’s hand or not when praying. Faith’s journey to Christ is well written, and the audience is rooting for her the whole time.

FAITH, HOPE & LOVE offers a distinctly Christian message about trusting God to direct your path. That said, there are a couple questionable elements that make the movie unsuitable for very young viewers. Several scenes take place in bars, for example. There is also some sexual and suggestive humor. For instance, a couple jokes are made about an unmarried woman being pregnant.

FAITH, HOPE & LOVE’s strong Christian message is clear, however, with prayer and trust in God being central themes. Media-wise viewers will enjoy FAITH, HOPE & LOVE.

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