(HH, Ev, C, B, P, LLL, VVV, S, N, A, DD, MM):

Dominant Worldview and Other Worldview Content/Elements:

Strong humanist worldview as characters struggle for life in a “survival of the fittest” type of game, characters ruthlessly battle each other to stay alive no matter what it takes, with minor redemptive/moral elements as some people care deeply about the deaths and experiences while others are in it for themselves, one girl returns for someone else when she could have escaped, and one example of sacrifice to help others, plus one major character is an Iraqi war veteran;

Foul Language:

More than 70 obscenities and profanities, including about 14 GDs and nearly 20 exclamations referencing Jesus Christ and saying “OMG,” plus a few instances of name calling;


Strong, intense violence with some blood and a few cringe worthy scenes, including man’s leg is crushed between two walls with a piece of wood penetrating his leg with blood shown, car crash scene, airplane crash scene with dead people shown and light blood, man falls into frozen water and is shown underneath drowning, woman falls down a deep hole to her death, man is shown strangling and drowning another man in the ocean, mining accident scene where a man is crushed under rocks with some blood and disturbing look, two men fight each other includes punching, and one man bites the other on his leg, and a man is shoved into a table with his head cracking, and a puddle of blood spilling out, guy is strangled with a cord, man is shot multiple times leaving him dead and bloody, and girl is tackled to the ground, and a gun put to her head;


Mild sexual content, such as man says he has sexual relations with adult women rather than play video games, college girl asks her roommate if she and her professor are “doing it,” a security guard places a nametag on a woman’s chest, and she jokes that most men take her on a date first, two sexual euphemisms;


Upper male nudity when a few men remove their shirts to test their heart rate;

Alcohol Use:

Man carries a flask of alcohol around with him but is never shown drinking it, one scene with a car full of people all drinking and driving, girl enters her college dorm, and everyone is in the hallways with red cups having a dorm party, but no apparent drunkenness;

Smoking and/or Drug Use and Abuse:

A few characters periodically smoke cigarettes, but one scene where two characters are drugged and have a psychedelic experience; and,

Miscellaneous Immorality:

Strong miscellaneous immorality includes multiple examples of revenge, moral relativism, a few examples of breaking the law, and corruption.

ESCAPE ROOM is the first intense thriller of 2019.

College student Zoey finds herself alone when everyone in school leaves for Thanksgiving break. After her professor encouraged her to do something outside of her comfort zone, she finds a mysterious invitation to try out an escape room. Assuming it’s from her professor, she soon finds herself in a waiting room with five other people who also received invitations to win the $10,000 prize if they complete this challenging game.

Suddenly, they realize that the waiting room is the first room of the game, and they begin searching for clues to get out. However, the elements feel very real in this game, but a young video gamer who has done over 90 escape rooms in the past convinces everyone that it’s all a part of the game. They make it through to the third room, narrowly escaping a scorching fire. This room is the toughest they have had to face yet. They begin bickering with each other on the way to solve the puzzle, and a few are ready to call it quits. But when one of the players suddenly falls to a tragic death, they realize this is no ordinary game.

The stakes for this game have been raised to life or death, and the players now carefully maneuver their way through the escape rooms, wondering who could be behind this twisted scheme. They realize each of them had all experiences near death situations in which they were the sole survivor. This game now becomes a survival of the fittest, and there can only be one winner.

ESCAPE ROOM has a rough beginning, with a poor script and some bad storytelling, but soon becomes more entertaining as the movie progresses. There are many moments that cause viewers to find themselves with sweaty palms and tense shoulders. The intensity can be thrilling, but the cringe-worthy scenes are not for the faint of heart. Even though these type of thriller movies can typically be overly cheesy and unbelievable, ESCAPE ROOM delivers a realistic type of thrill, putting a short timer on the lives of the players in the game.

However, the ESCAPE ROOM movie contains a strong amount of objectionable content, including a strong humanist worldview following the principles of Social Darwinism and survival of the fittest, although there are a few redemptive elements. In addition, ESCAPE ROOM contains lots of foul language, intense violence, and ruthless battles between players drawing blood and sometimes causing death. There is some smoking, alcohol use and drug use, as well as a few sexual comments and implications. So, MOVIEGUIDE® advises extreme caution for ESCAPE ROOM.

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