Dragon Ball Legends is a free-to-play role-playing game that offers surprisingly slick fighting gameplay based on the hugely popular anime. This game is more of a strategic card-battling video game than a fighting game.

There are teams of three characters you can switch between at will, combos, special moves, and over-the-top super attacks. Bandai Namco, the company behind it, even mentioned plans to host tournaments.

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Dragon Ball Legends

Dragon Ball Legends Cards are automatically drawn from a deck as you fight. There are five card types: melee, ranged, support, special and ultimate. Each has an energy cost, so you have to manage your ki gauge as you play

You tap the screen to perform attacks and you’re able to move about the 3D environment by swiping the screen. The inputs are simple: swipe for movement, side flick for a quick dodge, vertical swipe for a dash/backstep, tap the screen for normal attacks, tap and hold for a ki charge and that’s about it.

Other Dragon Ball Legends game moves require a single tap, too: tap a card to use it, tap to switch characters, tap the player icon to use their ability, and tap the Rising Rush icon to use the super.

Each game character has an element factor that feeds into a simple rock, paper scissors system. As you fight you eventually unlock your Rising Rush ability, which is a dramatic attack that plays out via a fancy, suitably over-the-top Dragon Ball cutscene.

Dragon Ball Legends asks you to play a card to finish off the Rising Rush attack. All your other cards are then combined to deliver a final attack. But your opponent gets to pick a card, too.

If your opponent picks the same card as you, the final attack is mitigated and their character survives with just one hit point. If not, they suffer the full damage of the Rising Rush, which can see all three characters getting stuck in.

Download the game now by clicking the button above. If you are a Dragon Ball Z fan then check out other similar games from the Dragon Ball series such as the Dokkan Battle.

Operating System: Android

Price: Free

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