(HH, Pa, BB, FR, LLL, VVV, SS, NNN, AAA, D, MM): Dominant Worldview and Other Worldview Content/Elements: Strong humanist worldview as protagonist does what she does in hopes of bettering humanity and has faith in humanity’s responsibility to each other, with some pagan themes such as a belief that “anything goes to take the pain … Read more


(HH, Ev, C, B, P, LLL, VVV, S, N, A, DD, MM): Dominant Worldview and Other Worldview Content/Elements: Strong humanist worldview as characters struggle for life in a “survival of the fittest” type of game, characters ruthlessly battle each other to stay alive no matter what it takes, with minor redemptive/moral elements as some people … Read more


FAITH, HOPE & LOVE follows the story of Jimmy Hope, a Christian father coping with the loss of his wife. Jimmy’s daughters are dance students of Faith Turley, a divorced woman coping with her ex-husband’s infidelity. Faith needs money to save her studio. So, she invites Jimmy to be her partner in a “Pro-Schmo” dance … Read more


IN BRIEF: In WIDE AWAKE, Joshua Beal is a young boy at a Roman Catholic school in Philadelphia. Joshua has just lost his grandfather to cancer. “I’m going on a mission,” Joshua tells Dave. “I’m going to look for God to make sure my grandpa’s OK.” Joshua asks the adults around him how to find … Read more


THE BRINK documentary follows one of Donald Trump’s more controversial advisors, economic nationalist Steve Bannon, during the 2016 campaign and afterwards. The movie opens with Bannon strategizing with people on a cell phone as he scarfs a Red Bull. It moves on to Fall 2017 as Pres. Trump fired Bannon, and Bannon decided to take … Read more


I REMEMBER MAMA is the classic 1948 movie by George Stevens about a Norwegian family in 1910 San Francisco and the mother, who holds them together, played by Irene Dunne in one of her best roles. The movie begins with the oldest daughter, Katrin, putting the final touches on her autobiographical story about growing up … Read more


THE CHRIST SLAYER is a historical fiction movie which follows the story of a blind centurion named Longinus, who pierced Christ’s side at the site of His crucifixion. Longinus travels in a fruitless attempt to escape the unexplained guilt of “Slaying Christ” and the nickname of “Christ Slayer.” Incapable of understanding Grace, Longinus sets off … Read more


In WHERE’D YOU GO, BERNADETTE, Bernadette lives in Seattle with her husband, Elgin, and teenage daughter, Bee. Previously in Los Angeles, Bernadette was an acclaimed architect, but something happened that sent her spiraling down into a black hole of depression for 20 years. Now, Bee’s just been accepted into a great prep school. She wants … Read more


STRIKE UP THE BAND is a classic 1940 musical about Jimmy, a teenager played by Mickey Rooney who wants to follow his dreams of playing in a band but runs into many obstacles along the way. Judy Garland plays Jimmy’s best friend, Mary. Mary wants them to be more than just friends, but Jimmy is … Read more


PLAYING WITH FIRE follows Superintendent “Sup” Jake Carson and his team of four loyal firemen and smoke jumpers. One night they get a call to assess a burning cabin. Sup jumps into burning flames, only to find a teenage girl, a young boy and an almost 3-year-old girl hiding under some wreckage. He airlifts them … Read more