Auto Clicker – Automatic tap APK

Auto Clicker is a free mobile screen auto-tapping program that executes pre-recorded tap sequences on the smartphone screen. It runs on games and other apps that require constant taps. So you can relax your fingers when trying to achieve a target or earn free coins.

You’ll see all available options on the main page. That’s where you can set the click number and interval, after which a window will pop up on your display.

Auto Clicker panel lets you set on-screen targets. Next, all you need to do is launch the program, which will proceed to perform the taps you specified. This lightweight Android utility comes with a straightforward interface.

Download the Auto Clicker app to automatically click your mobile screen

After you’ve given the app access to your controls, you can specify the actions you want the program to perform. Cross-App tapping allows Auto Clicker to perform actions on other applications.

Once everything is set press Start. You can now sit back, relax, and watch the app complete its tasks. You can set the click number and interval, after which a window will pop up on your display.

The best thing about the Auto Clicker is that Everything runs seamlessly for free with zero embedded ads. If you don’t like the current setting, you can enter the app again to adjust the configuration.

The settings give you the ability to set tap frequencies in hours, minutes, seconds, and milliseconds. Easily set single or multiple tapping targets. Swipe setup for typing or gaming.

And you get a floating panel for starting and stopping the app. This makes the app controls very easy to manage. To download the Auto Clicker app just click the download button above and install the files once the download finishes.

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Operating System: Android

Price: Free

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